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Sidama Guji - Ethiopia

Sidama Guji - Ethiopia

About the coffee:


  • Zone: Guji

  • Town: Ana Sora

  • Region: Sidama

  • Altitude: 2100M (6890ft)

  • Veritals: Heirloom


About the farm


At Shashamane town, the western road carries travelers into the heart of the Sidama Guji coffee region, past family farms and pointed huts made of curved reeds.

Thousands of small farmers live in this area, growing coffee at high altitudes where the Rift Valley meets the Bale Mountains. Farms range in size from 1 to 20 hectares, and banana and mango trees grow alongside coffee trees, imparting their fruity flavors into the soil. For hundreds of years, people here have governed by the Gadaa system, an indigenous democratic process of electing a leader and local representatives.

The area is rich in history – and rich in coffee. Producers bring their ripe harvests to central washing stations, where the cherries are pulped and washed with mountain spring water the same day. The pulped coffee goes into a fermentation tank for 72 hours, then is washed, spread, and sun-dried for up to 2 weeks on raised beds. The people of the Guji region take pride in the high quality of this sweet, clean coffee.


About our partners:


Anno Coffee is a family-owned green coffee importing company based in Chicago, IL. With over 25 years of experience, the family has been involved in all aspects of Ethiopian green coffee production, from seedling farming to processing. They work directly with Ethiopian high-grade coffee exporting companies, including their own Shonora Coffee Export PLC, as well as other reputable exporters.

Anno Coffee imports organically grown and naturally processed coffee from the fertile highlands of southern Ethiopia, where the use of chemical fertilizers is eliminated through the use of organic compost.


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